Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research

Volunteers of America Los Angeles

The volunteers of America Los Angles is offering a job as a case manger. The role of case worker is to coach, asses, and outreach and engagement. The qualifications for this job is to have basic knowledge in ethics, HIPPA, and client focused ideology. I think I would provide a great value to this company because I’m very proactive and love to help people. Both of these qualities seem to important to this specific job.


SpinLaunch is a company that is offering a job of an HR Manger. The role of an HR manger is too handle all employee on-boarding and off-boarding, work closely with management and employees to improve work relationships, build morale, increase productivity, retention and engagement, and many other things. The requirements to apply for this job is too have a bachelors degree and 10 years of experience in HR. I think I would add value to this company because of the skills I will learn from my psychology courses will teach me some of the things listed in the requirements section.

StretchLab — Long Beach Marina

StretchLab is a company located in Long Beach that is currently looking for people to fill the sales manger position. The role of a sale manger is to assign sales, set quotas, and hiring and firing salespeople. I think my communication skills would make me a good for this job since Communication is a big part of making a sale.

Psychologist: https://drcraigkain.info/

Craig Kain, PH.D presents himself as very professional. He seems approachable which is needed for a psychologist. I like that it’s his face that is all around the website and not JUST stock photos. Stock photos make a website seem sketchy. Everything on his website is very clear.


This website is more in my field because it focuses on kids. This company specializes in giving therapy for kids. The website is very nice and professional. I like the color scheme of it too. Everything on this site is also very easy to understand.


It’s my dream to be a psychiatrist, but I do not like this site. I just feel like there is too much going on with all of the pop-up messages. The photos look really and staged. I do like that it easy to make an appointment online. I also like that you can see the staff before making the appointment. That way you’re not taken by surprise when you go in for your appointment.

I would use a website to sell myself. I would include all of my accomplishments since I started college. I would also attach pictures of myself and of the things I like to do so the employees can get to know the real me. I believe that stating my accomplishments and having pictures would boost my chances of getting the job or internship. Attaching my website link to my resume would also be a good idea.



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