Week 7 — Art Idea Essay — The Art of Place

The idea of art of place is such a broad one. Because “place” can be anything . It can be physical, mental, or even emotional. When I think of places I think of family. I believe that everyone is meant to have the family that they have. Since family is meant to be unconditional love and your backbone it should be easy to find a place within your family. I also believe that love of every kind is an art. The love you received from your family will not fade, that’s why it refers to the art of place.

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who closely described the place in his hierarchy of needs. He notes “Love and belonging” to be a need in a human’s life. I find Maslow’s findings interesting because it is something that I can fathom myself. If i didn’t feel the love and belonging that my family and friends bring me I wouldn’t be able to function the way that I do. J.cole is a rapper who has rapped about places. In his case he raps about an actual place like his home. In the song “neighbors” he talks about being at home but not feeling at home because he is noticing racial tension between his neighbors. David Silverman who is one of the animators for the Simpsons creates art of the place every time he draws the Simpsons’ house, family, and the family dog.

There are many other forms of place. For example, if someone really excels in school their most comfortable place to be might be school. Your view on place may even be different depending on age. For instance a gen z person may say their sense of place is Instagram while a baby boomer may say their sense of place is their workplace.

In the year 2024 I could imagine America being somewhat better in terms of racism and their willingness to say that climate change is real. Maybe we won’t have to deal with a racist president but who knows. In the year of 2024 I will be a one year post grad from LBSU. I hope to not have to rely on my family to feel some type of “place”. I hope to have a supportive friend or friend by then.